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We're Into Music...


...and love it!


Music makers often embark on a road to share their creations with others, while people like you search for the perfect track for a business need. Here at Into Music, we’re bridging the gap with a library of quality instrumentals, songs and compositions suitable for any broadcast need.


From our very beginnings in the cultural hub of Bristol, we have been surrounded by the sounds of talented musicians producing quality music. Tunes, melodies, choruses, riffs, licks and beats….. it’s all here.  We’ve branched out further to be able to find you more music- offering a diverse and spirited selection of tracks. 


We’re more than just a music library, though.  Part of the professional service we give helps you find music quicker. Our team searches for you, putting together a proposal incorporating a selection to fit your brief. We’ll work closely with you to get everything that’s needed for the outcome you desire.


Our growing library allows access to music for quick turn around briefs and alongside this, we offer up our ability to make the right piece from scratch- one off musical creatures created specifically for your needs. Always here to help, we’re more than happy to chat about what you’re after.


With Into Music, you’ll discover new music with the added value of a personal service. Browse through our Music page for ideas and contact us to discuss the details of your project.


We look forward to working together and getting you into music.

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